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Frozen Gin Jellies 🤭

When I was a lil girl, my sister and I used to be obsessed with jellies. In Indo we loved this one brand called Nutrijell because there was a time where these squidgy jellies were allll the rage! It was sold practically everywhere. These jellies were different to your normal jellies as they were so very squishy and delicious. I am aware that we are knee-deep in winter right now but I made these last night but I have made them alcoholic. Yes. That's what we are doing today. My fav childhood snack has grown up as she's a boozy gal now. I'm sure you've had jelly shots before, but this takes it even further as they are frozen and could also work as an amuse-bouche this festive season or just as a fun alcoholic dessert for your COVID-safe parties. Super easy to make and takes no effort at all. Let us know if you try this out and tag us on Instagram @SezPK! 🤗

Serves: up to 10 jelly containers

Difficulty: Level 0

Wow factor: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐


  • 1x instant jelly powder (you can use Hartley's jelly powder sachets or if you are in Indonesia just use 1 pack of Nutrijell and follow packet instructions)

  • Sugar to taste - I used 7 tablespoons of sugar

  • 4 shots of gin - or more if you prefer

  • 1x tinned lychees or your choice of fruit

  • You will also need silicone moulds, popsicle moulds or anything that is safe to put in the freezer


  1. Make the jelly as per packet instructions and add as much sugar as you want.

  2. When the jelly is ready to set, add your alcohol, fruit and pour into your moulds.

  3. Freeze overnight and enjoy! LITERALLY that easy my friends.

Hot tip: if you're not a fan of gin, you can use whatever type of alcohol you fancy. You can also use whatever fruit you want.

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